5 Things To Do In Ottawa

Where moving or visiting Ottawa

When you and your family plan to have some relaxing trip to visit the capital of Canada, you will always consider these two sites at the top of your list: the Rideau Canal where you can enjoy skating and the buildings in the Parliament. But your trip to the capital of Canada which is Ottawa will not just end with that two sites. There are many unique and attractive places that you and your family can visit to enjoy your vacation. There are tourist spots that will suit your family and for your lover.

Are you and your family are planning to visit the capital of Canada but you don’t have any ideas on the things that you can do in visiting this country? Well, keep on reading this article for it will give you the top 5 things that you can do on visiting Ottawa. The following are the things that you can enjoy to do in Ottawa!

1. SUP with Urban Ocean

Standing up in a paddleboard is an exciting adventure that you can do in Ottawa. This sport is one of the most adventurous water sports that everyone will love to experience. By doing this kind of adventure in the Gatineau river, you can see the beauty of the Parliament building. You can do this adventure even though you don’t have any experience with this when you know how to balance yourself. Then, you can enjoy exploring the beauty of its sites.

2. Biplane Flight

This adventure is also one of the most enjoyable things that you can enjoy here in Ottawa. With the use of the genuine biplane in World War II, you can now fly high and enjoy its thrilling experience when you are at the top of the ground. You can enjoy this adventure with your loved one. This is very suitable for the couples for it will give you the chance to be with together.

3. White Water Rafting

You can do this white water rafting here in Ottawa with your friends or with your family. This river in Ottawa attracts many kayakers and rafters to experience this kind of adventure- this river in Ottawa is the best white water rafting that you can find around the world. There are smaller rapid trips that you can use if you are with your family.

4. Parliament Building

To see the Parliament buildings is one of the tourist spots that everybody wants to do on visiting Ottawa. Canada is known to have the attractive buildings of the government. You can walk by with its ground with your loved one and accompanied by your tour guide. The tour can last for about 45 minutes for free.

5. Yoga on the Parliament Hill
Doing yoga on the parliament hill with your loved one is the most enjoyable thing that you can do in Ottawa. People gather in the Parliament hill to have some yoga classes during Wednesday of May to August. The yoga mass class is a free session. Tourists are recommended to experience this yoga on the Parliament Hill.